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If you still can’t find who you’re looking for, please feel free to send a message to shadowedstars.webminister At midrealm dot org or ask on our our official Facebook group, and someone will be happy to help you out.

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PO Box 10251
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Baron and Baroness

Baron Ronan Haukrson and Baroness Hadley of Beckenham
Nathan Frye and Hadley Rochyby

Serving as the figureheads of the Barony of Shadowed Stars, the Baronage speaks with the voice of the Crown of the Middle Kingdom and represent the interest of the Barony wherever they appear. Also tasked with recognizing individuals within the Barony with baronial awards and commendations.


Mael Duin mac Gilla Ennae
Michael Coffman

The primary responsibilities of the Baronial Seneschal is to ensure that the various rules and bylaws of the SCA are being properly observed, and that regular Baronial Business Meetings run in a smooth and productive manner.

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Lord Raven de Lacy
Ray Linville Jr.

The Chatelaine is in charge of greeting new members and visitors to the barony. They are the point of contact for group demos, exhibitions, and any other public engagements and services.

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Minister of Arts & Sciences

Lady Aoife inghean Eoghain
Connie Houck

The Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS) oversees scheduling and logistics of Arts and Sciences activities, including dance, and assists with research.

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Lady Muirenn ingen Fáelchon Uí Clerígh
Carrie Beth Youse

The herald is responsible for maintaining records of awards and devices of the group, and assists with historical research of personas, heraldry, or any other aspect of life in the middle ages.

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Baron Fergus MacPherson
Jeremy Glick

The Exchequer is in charge of all funds and financial activity in the Barony.

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Knight Marshal

Baron Ronan Haukrson
Nathan Frye

The Knight Marshal supervises regular armored (heavy) weapons practices, and ensures that all armored (heavy) combat is conducted in a safe manner. They also oversee all marshal activity in the barony.

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Rapier Marshal

Lord Andries Von Voorburg

Andrew Malloy

The Rapier Marshal supervises regular rapier practices, and ensures that all rapier and Cut & Thrust combat is conducted in a safe manner.

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Archery Marshal

Forester Alfairin Fani
Daniel Hernandez

The Archery Marshal supervises the running of regular archery practice, and ensures that all archery activities are conducted in a safe manner.

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Equestrian Marshal

Lady Kolfinna Von Voorburg
Stacy Malloy

The Equestrian marshal oversees the running of equestrian practices and ensures that all equestrian activities are conducted in a safe manner.

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Thrown Weapons Marshal

Warder Prudence of Colleah
Rachel Coffman

The Thrown Weapons Marshal supervises the running of regular thrown weapons practice, and ensures that all thrown weapons activities are conducted in a safe manner.

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THL Leandra Corzi
Mandi Oliver

The Baronial Chronicler keeps a meticulous account of all activities within the barony, maintaining a full account and the minutes of each Business Meeting and reporting any pertinent information to the rest of the populace.

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THL Solveig Sigulfsdottir
Barbara Hernandez

The Baronial Webminister is responsible for maintaining this website and managing all official online groups within the barony.

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Social Media Officer

Lady Zilia degli Giudici
Tanda Fitzsimmons

Deputy to the Seneschal, They are responsible for maintaining the Barony’s official social media presence in conjunction with the webminister.

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This position is open. If you are interested please contact the Seneschal.

Our Historian is responsible for compiling a living history of Shadowed Stars, from its earliest beginnings to the present day. She gathers critical documents, notes important events, and maintains the archives.

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Youth Officer

Lady Eofordhild aet Wintancaestre

Kristen Rinaldo

The Youth Officer is supervises youth activities and creates opportunities for youth involvement in a safe environment.

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