Spring Coronation

Welcome to All that Hear these Words, the Barony of Shadowed Stars is pleased to host the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Arch Teryx and Runa Kirri in their lands at the Wells County Fairgrounds, 1240 4-H Park Road, in Bluffton, Indiana on the 7th of May in the year 2022.

We will have activities for all to participate in and be a part of the Celebration! Come ready to find a challenge on the heavy, rapier, equestrian or archery field!  There will be classes for all ages to participate in and the Craftsperson Green, where the arts will be in full demonstration.

Facebook eventhttps://fb.me/e/2DSS0ApHH

Site Map Rain Plan https://shadowedstars.midrealm.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/47/2021/11/Wells-County-4H-Fairgrounds-Map-Legend-BnW-RAIN.png

Full Schedulehttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16umnrDE4UCB7emjikUQedb3GPKwnGGy_-G_DXCi-UzI/edit?usp=sharing

Site Book in PDF https://shadowedstars.midrealm.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/47/2021/11/RAIN-book-Spring-Coronation-PDF.pdf


Please contact the Merchant Coordinator, Leandra Corzi (Mandi Oliver) – email gwerithkay@gmail.com with any questions. Merchants will be located in the main building and in the Craftsperson’s Green area.

We are pleased to have the following merchants:

Mid East Magic – Hats, Veils, and Stuff

Tamars Treasures  – Middle Eastern clothes and misc.

North Star Armoury – Jewelry and books

Myrkheim Hoard – Fine Viking Age Jewelry

The Not So Ugly Duckling – Beaded jewelry and accessories inspired by medieval and Renaissance art and artifacts

Kraken Press – Kingdom Swag and Kool accessories

Silver Heron Studios – Fine art, world coin and sterling silver jewelry.

Earth and Loom – Hand-made pottery and wooden fiber tools

Water Weasel Mudworks – Pottery for daily use

The Sinister Peacock – Historically inspired jewelry and hairstyling

Calontir Trim – trim, trim and more trim!

SILENT AUCTION for Wendell of Dark River

One of our own is fighting a daunting fight, and could use our help. Wendell of Dark River is currently fighting brain cancer. His fight is a marathon, not a sprint, and it will be an expensive one. To help him and his lovely wife with this, there will be a silent auction at Spring Coronation in the Barony of Shadowed Stars. There are all sorts of wonderful items available, from ceramic cups to books to garb to bigger items such as looms and a spinning wheel. There are also services being offered. Come join us, and not only help a friend, but also get something cool for yourself! Auction items will be in the main building and will start after morning Court and end at 4:30 PM. Please pickup items before evening Court. Cash, Paypal and Vemmo will be accepted. Questions can be addressed to Mistress Acelina at dayleharding1@gmail.com


Pre-registration is available for all those that attend this event and will close May 4, 2022. You do not have to pre-register for this event to attend, gate will be open on Friday night and Saturday for attendees that did not pre-register.

SCARS Pre-registration link – https://members.sca.org/apps/#MtgDetail/00001230

Adult (18+) Event Pre-Registration – $17.00 / Adult Member Pre-Registration – $12.00

Adult (18+) Event Gate – $20.00 / Adult Member Gate – $15.00

Child Day Registration (Pre-reg or Gate) (6-17): $5  Youth Day Registration (0-5): Free

Camping fees (weekend rate): Non-electric: $10 per tent/space Electric: $15 per tent/space


Lunch tavern: $6 Feast: $12 (limited seats available) Both are available as options thru pre-reg.

Lunch Menu: A serving of assorted quiche including vegetarian, meaty and gluten-free, bowl of soup choice of vegetarian or meaty along with salad, desert and drink!

Feast! The inspiration for this feast is Celebration!  We celebrate Their Majesties of the Dragon throne, we celebrate coming together and we celebrate eating together again.  We ask you all to gather with us and enjoy this fantastic menu and even better company.  For full ingredient list or dietary questions please contact feast steward: Solveig Sigulfsdottir (she/her) – solveig.sigulfsdottir@gmail.com

On the Table: Bread, cheese, butter and pickled vegetables

First Course: Pork roasted with wine and spices, cabbage, roasted roots, salat and barley posset.

Second Course: Braised beef with two sauces, blackberry and juniper, served with green, peas, and strawberries with cream

Desserts: Lemon Ice and Short Bread


Please consider giving an hour of your time to volunteer at the event. We have many opportunities that include sitting inside, walking around outside, helping with feast and lunch. For those that volunteer to serve for feast – your feast is included as a thank you for helping! Check out the link below for more details and to sign up!


Interested in retaining this weekend? Sign up here to retain for the Royal Family!



Craftsperson’s Green – is an area where any artisan of any skill level may set up a workspace in order for them to work on their period project(s). Artisans will demonstrate period techniques, discuss their methods and give informal instruction if asked – no documentation required. The populace will be invited to visit and spend time watching and learning from the artisans.

Armored Schedule

9:00 AM  – Stretching with Sir Pellinor / Open for armor inspection/authorizations

9:45 AM  – Close for court

After Court  – Continue armor inspection/authorizations

12:30 PM  -Spear and Shieldman Tournament

Afternoon – 3 man shield/pole/spear Tournament and Warlord Tournament

4:00 PM – Close for Court

Rapier Schedule

11:30  PM  – List opens until Court starts

12:00  PM –  Warmups and inspections

1:00  PM –  Coin Tourney – This tournament is a best 2 of 3 pool format in which the fencers must fight everyone in their pool. At the beginning of each round fencers will randomly draw a coin with the weapons type from a bag. If the fencer isn’t authorized in that weapons type or cannot be equipped with those weapons then they are allowed to draw again. The fencer with the most wins advances to the next round. The next round repeats the exact format as the previous round until there only 2 fencers left. At that point the final round will commence with fencers drawing from the coin bag and fighting 3 bouts, with the winner of the best 2 of 3 bouts declared the winner of the tournament. Spears will be allowed if the fencer draws the “bring your best” coin from the bag only. It will available as a choice ONCE and cannot be chosen for more than one round. The prize is a Purpleheart Armory $25 gift certificate that will be emailed to the winner.

1:30  PM – 3v3 Dance Party

2:30 PM –  The King’s Gold Melee

3:00 PM – Classic Tourney

4:00 PM – Close for Court

Thrown Weapons:   (And Darts!)

9:00 AM –  Range SetUp / Open Throw

9:45 AM –  Close for Court

After Court- Open Throw

2:00 PM – Spring Peepers Throw    Take down the frogs! 

3:00 PM – Everything but the Kitchen Sink Oddball weapons: hurlbats, 

garden trowels, rubber chicken spikes, whatever passes inspection!

4:00PM – List Closes and Teardown


After AM Court- Defend the Crown Shoot

          Followed by- Hit the Gems

          Followed by- Open Shoot

4:00 PM- List Closes and Teardown

Hound Coursing: will take place across from archery, weather permitting. 

Equestrian Activities: have been cancelled due to wet grounds.

CLASSES – all classes will be held in the main hall unless otherwise notated

1:00 PMDraw like the Old Masters – Kraft von Gorz      

Explore the fascinating history of famous Renaissance artists and study the techniques and traditions that helped shape the future of European Art

1:00 PM – Will You Marry Me?    Beatriz de la Fuente       

Popping the question from a conquistador in the New World to the Damas of Spain

2:00 PM – Dance Class – Magnifica Allegra            

Learn some common dances – held outside in the open pavilion.

2:00 PM – Korean Garb 101 – Lord Choi Min –  He/him     

Have you been watching those historical Korean dramas on Netflix? Wondering how accurate they are? Contemplating making some of that gorgeous Korean garb? This is the class for you.

3:00PM – Text to Telling – Ollav Brendan O Corraidhe, OL

Text to Tale – Crafting a compelling performance from source material. A simple process for taking a period text source and turning it into a powerful storytelling performance is presented, using as case studies two very different pieces. PG-13 for descriptions of graphic violence and sexual themes.


Please note there will be a crafting area and book nook for children to explore. All activities will be held inside the Expo Hall – Building D on the site map unless otherwise specified.

11:15 AM – Clay time with Halldora

Small containers of clay were important to households and in most of not all cultures. Learn to make pinch pots! These are not food safe with out the proper modern coatings but useful for beads, pins etc. All ages (Under 6 with adult help). No class fee.

1:30 PM – Game time with Eoforhild

Nine Men’s Morris: Come learn to play Nine Men’s Morris, also known as Merrills. This popular game was played by all levels of Medieval society. It could be played almost anywhere as long as there was somewhere to place a ready-made game board or draw the diagram of the board in the dirt. Ages 7+ (or younger with adult help). No class fee.

2:30 PM – Block printing with Aoife inghean Eoghain.  Make and take. Block print a simple pouch to hold your things. Involves paint, can be messy! All ages. No class fee.

3:00 PM – Story time with Baroness Hadley (with snacks!) Come read a few stories with Baroness Hadley outside in the gazebo.  These are pictures stories and geared towards the younger populace. Snack will be provided.


  • Event steward:  Maggie MacKeith (she/her) – damemaggiemackeith@gmail.com
  • Deputy event steward:   Diana de Daimiel (she/her) – dianadedaimiel@gmail.com
  • Royalty Liaisons:   Gunnarr Bogsveigir (she/her) – shadowedstars.chatelaine@midrealm.org       
  • Rapier fighting: Andries Von Voorburg (he/him) – shadowedstars.rapier@midrealm.org
  • Food Steward: Solveig Sigulfsdottir (she/her) – solveig.sigulfsdottir@gmail.com
  • Archery: Alfairin & Velos – shadowedstars.archery@midrealm.org
  • Rattan fighting: Pellinor of Shadowed Stars (he/him) – pellynor@yahoo.com
  • Merchant Liaison: Leandra Corzi (she/her) – gwerithkay@gmail.com
  • Class Coordinator: Aoife (she/her) – shadowedstars.moas@midrealm.org
  • Thrown Weapons: Prudence Of Colleah (she/her) – shadowedstars.thrown@midrealm.org
  • Gate: Fergus MacPherson (he/him) – shadowedstars.exchequer@midrealm.org
  • Equestrian: Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars (she/her) and Kolfinna (she/her) – shadowedstars.equestrian@midrealm.org
  • Children’s Activities: Eoforhild aet Wintanceastre (she/her) – krinaldo@gmail.com and Halldora Egilsdotter (she /her) – Asserri@yahoo.com
  • Heraldic Liaison/Q&A: Lady Muirenn ingen Fáelchon Uí Clérigh (she/her) shadowedstars.herald@shadowedstars
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Morgan Woodsende of Hoghton (she/her) – morganwoodsende@gmail.com and THL Cassandra of Windhaven


We have a hotel block secured for Spring Coronation at the Comfort Inn in Bluffton.  The hotel is reducing their rate by almost $25 from ($133 to $110) for either a double queen or a single king room. They have a cool new feature – all people have to do click this link https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/GX28F6  and they can reserve their space right in the block at the reduced rate, as long as they do so on or before April 05, 2022.  (Any rooms not reserved from our block will be released on April 06, which is 30 days before the Friday of the event.)  Attendees can make reservations for Friday night only or Saturday night only or both nights at the reduced rate.  Other types of rooms can be secured, as previously, by calling the front desk as  (260) 824-4455.  

Site Rules

The site for Coronation is officially Dry, and anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave.
Well-attended above ground fires are permitted, There are permanent on-site fire rings in designated meeting areas.
Friendly, leashed dogs are welcome on site and inside some buildings. By request, dogs unfamiliar with horses are discouraged. One sniff, bark, or lunge can result in a spooked horse. Please keep dogs away from cart horses. Riders and carts will be allowed to patrol the premises on roadways and they have the right-of-way.
Equine Health Requirements
The Indiana State Board of Animal Health requires all equines being transported into Indiana to have a Coggins dated within 12 months of the event and a traveling health certificate dated within 30 days of the event. For full information, please go to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health website.

Horse etiquette
Warning: Under Indiana law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.
Minors need direct supervision around the horses, please do not allow them to wander in the barns or horse areas without you or another parent/guardian.
Horses are “Fight or Flight” prey animals. If it scares them, they will run. Consider your actions with this in mind.
Whenever possible, please WALK in view of the horses and not directly in front or behind them. Sudden movements or flapping objects can look very scary to horses.
Always ask the owner if you may approach or touch a horse.
If the horses ears are forward=happy or scared, ears pinned back=angry, ears twitching=listening
Never feed a horse without permission; your fingers look like tasty carrots, also they may be on a special diet.

Site Amenities – Main building includes restrooms (handicap accessible) and air conditioning. The shower house is hard wall building located in the middle of the grounds, it also has restrooms. Primitive and electrical hook-up camping spaces available. The barns have a total of 72 open air covered stalls that are 8’x10′. There are outside water spigots thru out the grounds and around the barns.

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