Baronial Transition

Lord Ronan Haukrson and

Dame Hadley of Beckenham

Unto Their Royal Majesties of the Middle Kingdom, Felix and Madelina, His Excellency, Baron Ulrich of Shadowed Stars, Master Cerridwen Kingdom Seneschal, Baroness Hannah Minister of Baronial Polling, and All who read or hear these words, we, Lord Ronan and Dame Hadley, do send our most gracious greetings,

His Excellency Ulrich has served our Barony well and has made it known that he seeks retirement as this year ends and the new one begins. We would ask that you accept this letter, for it is our intention to put forth our names for candidates to serve as the Baron and Baroness of Shadowed Stars. Our desire to serve and lead our Barony in this manner comes from our hearts, as we both are passionate about service to our Barony, Kingdom and the Society. We acknowledge the tremendous responsibility and commitment of this chosen path.

We understand that this not an easy decision to make when faced with so many worthy candidates. We would offer our history and insight into our decision, so that all will know our minds.

The Lord Rónán Haukrson has been a member of the Society since 2012 and lived in the territories of the Barony of Shadowed Stars all his life. His first responsibility to the Barony was as the student group liaison to Purdue Fort Wayne.  Following that, he served for 3 years as Baronial Exchequer and as deputy Knight Marshal.  In 2018, he transitioned to the Barony’s Knight Marshal.  He also has served a variety of roles on the Baronial staff for local and Kingdom level events.  In that time, his services were recognized by an Award of Arms and two Purple Frets. Besides serving in various officer positions, he is ever striving to improve his martial prowess, and currently holds five different weapon form authorizations. 

Dame Hadley of Beckenham started in the Society in the late 1990’s and took a break after five years to focus on her career in logistics. She returned to the SCA in 2013 and served for the first time on a Kingdom reign.  She accepted a position in the SCA 50th year event staff as the Clerk. In those two years leading up to the SCA 50 year event, she ran multiple events in the Barony of Sternfeld. Hadley accepted the position of Kingdom Event Coordinator and was the event steward for the Middle Kingdom 50th Celebration. Along the way Hadley was awarded an AOA, Purple Fret, Dragon’s Heart and made a Court Baroness.  Most recently, she was elevated to the noble order of Pelican.  She has held the Barony’s social media officer position since she moved back to Fort Wayne in 2017.

We offer the Barony many different unique skill sets with our varied personal and professional background. Ronan brings with him 14 years of working in a local government office, where his major tasks are project management, long term planning, and, in general, working to find solutions for drainage issues for DeKalb county’s residents.  Ronan has also spent many years working to create, build, and maintain a local non for-profit pagan group. Hadley has a 20-year background in logistics; which gives her the experience to manage large scale projects while not losing sight of small details. We offer the Barony this combination of our experiences and our ability to work as a team. We understand how to support each other and the responsibility of supporting the Barony.

If we are found worthy to be chosen for this responsibility for Your Majesties, we will encourage the Barony to grow and prosper, as the Barony sets goals with plans for the future. We are facing a time of sustaining the SCA thru the guidelines set forth by Society and Kingdom to keep us safe during the time of a pandemic.  We are planning to lead during this time by supporting online Baronial activities, events, and courts.  We understand during the last ten months the populace is experiencing additional stress and anxiety.  We will always maintain an open-door policy allowing members access to someone to listen to them. That door is open to all for our SCA is one of an inclusion that celebrates diversity and equity.

When we are safely able to move forward in having practices and events, then we shall lead by attending. We are both incredibly lucky to have tenure at our jobs that allows us to have ample vacation time for events and demos. We enjoy traveling to events, camping and will look forward to offering our support to the populace in their endeavors. We will be posting a list of events that we are attending for the populace so they can join us at their leisure. We personally will be supporting all Baronial officers and their deputies in their work to lead the group. We will work to re-engage previous members of the Barony and engage new members, ever striving to give people a feeling of home in the Barony.  We commit ourselves to building the Barony thru its populace and traditions. 

If we are not chosen, we will continue to support the Barony and the newly invested Baronage, as is right and proper.

With hopes that we can all be together again soon, we remain yours,

Lord Ronan Haukrson and Dame Hadley of Beckenham

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