Baronial Transition

Warder Rashid Al-Sanna and

Lady Leandra Corzi

Unto Their Royal Majesties, King Felix and Queen Madeleina, His Excellency, Baron Ulrich Ulffson, Baron of Shadowed Stars, Warder Mael Duin mac Gilla Ennae, Seneschal for Shadowed Stars, and the Populace of the Barony of Shadowed Stars do we, Warder Rashid Al-Sanna and Lady Leandra Corzi, send fond greetings.

We write to you this day to humbly request that you consider us for the honorable and noble positions of Baron and Baroness of Shadowed Stars.
This request is being made after much thought and consideration of the requirements and responsibilities for these positions,
as well as for the opportunity to serve our Barony in this manner. We hope that you find us worthy candidates in this endeavor and
would like to assist you in your considerations. We present to you, in this letter, our qualifications and awards within the Society,
as well as the aspirations for the group that we hold.

We wish to serve in this capacity as a show of our love for our Barony, the Kingdom, and the Society.
Combined, we have been members of the Society for over 25 years, having been members of the local group for the entirety of that time.
Shadowed Stars is the home we love, where we have grown in the society first as fledging students of history, then as officers, leading our
friends in activities and events. We would be honored to be considered for the opportunity to serve our Barony, as well the Kingdom, as the
incoming Baronage.

Warder Rashid has been a member of the Society since 2013 when he first attended the local rapier practice. He received his Award of Arms in 2014 and was inducted into the Order of the Cavendish Knot in 2015. In 2016, he assumed the role of Constellation Rapier XO, and then served a time as the commanding rapier officer for Constellation. In 2017, he was awarded the Award of Purple Fret for his work as group rapier marshal. He was inducted into the Order of the Bronze Ring at Pennsic in 2019, and has been serving as the Midrealm Rapier Chief of Staff. Recently, as fencing with friends has not been possible, he has taken up woodworking and leathercraft.

Lady Leandra has been a member of the Society since January 2001, when she attended her first Shadowed Stars 12th night. In 2006, she was awarded the Purple Fret for service to the group. She was also among those involved with local demos who were awarded a Purple Fretty. In 2017, she was awarded the Willow for her work in costuming, specifically in helping to repair and build the collection of garments available through our Gold Key. Leandra was our local Minister of Arts and Sciences for over three years, and is currently serving the group as our Chronicler, making sure to capture business meeting minutes, and also producing our newsletter, The Shadowed Press. While not currently a fighter, at different times Lady Leandra has been authorized on both the Heavy Field as a combat archer, and as a rapier fighter, joining her fellow members of the Barony on the field. Leandra has a passion for both the martial endeavors of the group as well as the arts, and loves helping those who come to us learn about how it is possible to pursue these within our community.

Rashid, known outside the SCA as Marshall Oliver, has worked in music retail sales for the last 8 years and recently has decided to take steps to pursue teaching as a new career path. Leandra, modernly known as Mandi Oliver, has been working in the customer service field for the last 4 years, having spent more than a decade before that working in the optical field. Through these mundane careers, they have learned the all-important skill of listening, a vital skill for any leader of a group. During these days of the pandemic, we have all learned that communication is so important especially now as we are unable to see each other in person, depending instead on the virtual calls and online resources to keep touch.

We have given these roles much thought and deliberation and have sought the counsel of our Premier Baron and Baroness, Fergus MacPherson and Maggie MacKeith, as well as our current Baron, Ulrich Ulfsson. We are well aware of both the challenges and the rewards this opportunity presents. We have discussed how to fulfill the needs of the group, the responsibilities of the positions, and what it would mean to represent both our populous and our Crown with honor and respect. Our goals for the Barony as it moves into the future are to support all areas of interest and activity, as well as to resolve any issues that may arise within the group with cooperation and fairness. We shall endeavor to promote inclusivity, growth, and love of the Society within the region and kingdom.

It is our hope and desire to serve our Barony and Kingdom as the Baron and Baroness. If chosen, we will treat the roles with the respect and care that they deserve. If we are not chosen, we will continue to support the Barony, the new Baronage, and the Society with the same love and passion we have for them today.

Please feel free to contact us, should you wish to discuss this further.
Yours in Service,

Warder Rashid Al-Sanna, Award of Arms, Cavendish Knot, Award of the Purple Fret, Order of the Bronze Ring
Lady Leandra Corzi, Award of the Purple Fret, Order of the Willow

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