Baronial Transition

Forester Gunnarr Bogsveigir and

Lady Zilia Degli

Unto their Most Royal Majesties Felix and Madeleina of the Middle Kingdom, the Seneschal and the Transition Officer of the Midrealm,
Come now most fond tidings from Forester Gunnarr Bogsveigir and Lady Zilia Degli Giudici,

It is with joyous hearts that we write today to make clear our intent to be considered for the Noble position of Baronage to the Barony of Shadowed Stars. We do so after much careful consideration, discussion and study of the responsibilities and obligations of
landed Nobility.

We desire to serve the Barony in this capacity because of the love we bear for the Society, the Midrealm and our own Barony and its populace. Shadowed Stars is dear to us both. It is Lady Zilia’s first home in the Known World, where she found herself, but it is now home to both of us. We have both been made to feel welcome just as we are: we do not have to change ourselves to fit in. Serving as the Baronage of Shadowed Stars will allow us to help others have the same experience we have, and to fulfill one of
our greatest joys: singing the praises of the populace of Shadowed Stars. We want to lift up our beloved people of the barony, both those who are here now and those who are still finding their way home.

We are also eager to represent the barony to the Kingdom and the Known World. Before the plague took hold in our beloved Kingdom, we attended 30-40 events a year, both locally and across the kingdom. Once the plague has been driven out by the royal physicians, we plan to attend events outside of the Middle Kingdom as well, whether we are chosen as the new Baronage or not. We do this for the love of our Society as much as our love for our Kingdom and Barony. Our desire to serve in this capacity is purely
for the desire to serve the people of Shadowed Stars. We will carry on in the Society, Kingdom and Barony just as we have and just as we planned, regardless of our position.

As of the date of this letter, Forester Gunnarr is Regional Constellation Archery Marshal and Youth Officer At Large. She has been a member of the Society since 2015. In addition to being a member of the Greenwood Company and the Order of the Dragon’s Barb. For her services to the Barony of Rivenstar as well as the Barony of Shadowed Stars and the Midrealm, she received a Purple Fret. She served as (an) archery champion for King A’kos and Queen Bella I. She has been active in teaching, recruitment, service, and marshalling in the archery community. Gunnarr enjoys working
with new people, no matter their interests and will guide new people in connection to those within the Society who will broaden their potential. Gunnarr is also protégé to Master Sigulf Karlnar.

Lady Zilia is doing extensive research regarding plagues as well as teaching classes on plagues and practices used to keep the populace safe during times of plague. She has taught other classes on subjects regarding feasting and fiber arts. She has been a member of the Society since 2014. She has served Shadowed Stars as the Baronial Chronicler, Deputy Seneschal, Head Retainer and Royalty Room Attendant as well as set up and tear down at local events, and has been Feast Steward for many events in Shadowed Stars and Rivenstar, including the Crown Feast of King William and Queen Isolde, and Coronation Feast of King Edmond and Queen Kateryn
VI. She is a member of the Order of the Willow, and has received a Purple Fret and a Royal Augmentation of Arms from William and Isolde. She is studentessa (protégé) to Dame Baroness Maggie MacKeith and apprendista donna (apprentice) to Master Alan Fairfax. In mundane life, she has been trained in effective communication and conflict resolution skills that she can use to keep the Crown’s peace among the populace of the

We have given careful thought to the responsibilities of the Baronage and how we can best fulfill the expectations and desires of the Kingdom, the Crown and the populace of Shadowed Stars. We are prepared to represent the Crown in this Barony, to guide and support each and every person in the Barony, to actively recruit and encourage new members, to give wise and impartial counsel when needed and, when called on, to
resolve disputes with justice. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to answering any questions you may have, with enthusiasm.
Your servants,

Forester Gunnarr Bogsveigir
Lady Zilia Degli Giudici

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