Baronial Transition

Lord Andries Von Voorburg and

Lady Kolfinna

Unto Their Royal Majesties Felix and Madeleina, His Excellency Sir Ulrich Halfdan Ulfsson, the Seneschal, and unto the populace of Shadowed Stars, we send you our greetings and well wishes in this very troubled time.

We, Lord Andries Von Voorburg and Lady Kolfinna, would like to humbly offer for your consideration, our names, service, and intent for the next Baron and Baroness of Shadowed Stars.

Being able to serve the barony, your kingdom, and the society in this way would bring us great joy. We believe with our combined years, various aspects of service, range of interests, as well as our enthusiasm to learn new things, we would make a very good team to help navigate our barony through the next 3 years and beyond.

Andries has been in the SCA since 2012. He received an Award of Arms in the kingdom of Atlantia in 2013 before moving back to the, then, Shire of Shadowed Stars. Andries was bestowed the Cavendish Knot in 2019. He has served as Rapier Marshal in Charge for our local event, Mounted War Games, for the past 2 years as well as volunteering to help marshal at any
events we attend. Andries volunteers his time and effort to help repair and make rapier, equestrian, archery, and general equipment to help the barony. Andries has represented his kingdoms on the field of Pennsic and Gulf Wars on the rapier fields. In addition to this, Andries has held offices as chatelaine, chronicler and marshal at large in both Atlantia and the Middle Kingdom. At the time of this letter, Andries currently is serving his 2nd year in the office of Baronial Rapier martial.

Known to the modern world as Andrew Malloy, a lead service technician for a major music company. He enjoys building furniture and working with wood on the lathe. He also enjoys video games, camping, hiking with our dogs, and searching through youtube for the next project that inspires him to build. He would like to bring his knowledge, skills, and experience to
the technology side of the SCA through creating a better experience for virtual courts, online classes and our overall online presence.

Kolfinna has been in the SCA since 2002. She started in the barony of Rivenstar where she participated in heavy fighting and equestrian activities as well as ground crew. After moving to the Shire of Shadowed Stars in 2014, Finna was awarded an Award of Arms and continues with equestrian and heavy fighting. In 2019 she learned and taught classes on jewelry making and viking wire weaving. She also volunteers her time to help make illuminations for scrolls as well as calligraphy for baronial awards. Finna served the barony as Minister of Arts & Sciences for one year for which she was awarded a Purple Fret as well as equestrian ground crew. Currently
Finna serves the barony as an equestrian martial, baronial equestrian champion, and the office of Chatelaine. In this role, she is very excited and enthusiastic to help the baronial populace grow by way of participating in demos in our local education system as well as public demos
and parades to help educate and foster any interest in the medieval era. Finna is also working with our regional equestrian marshal to set up an equestrian equivalent of the Pennsic Rapier Scholarship with the hopes that more people can enjoy equestrian activities at Gulf War. The end goal is to raise enough money through donations and fundraisers that a seperate from the SCA to be able to cover gate fee for any midrealm equestrian that would like to go to Gulf War with the possibility of more equestrian events covered in the future. Nothing brings Finna more joy than being able to share her love of horses and enabling others to enjoy them as well.

Known to the modern world as Stacy Malloy, a kitchen assistant at North Allen County Schools, she enjoys riding horses, obedience, trick, and lure training with her dogs, camping, over the fire cooking, hiking with the dogs, making jewelry ( mostly to give away), and organizing get-togethers. Stacy would bring her unique skills from animal training to look for outside-of-the-box approaches to solve problems or create new and different ideas for the populous and the barony.

After much thought and consideration as well as several conversations with our current Baron, Sir Ulrich and others, we believe, that we would be a good consideration to serve the crown, and to help lead our barony full of talented and passionate people in to the future and help
every member ‘live the dream’ to the best of their ability.

Yours in service,

Lord Andries Von Voorburg A.O.A, C.C.K
Lady Kolfinna A.O.A, A.P.F.

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