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Shadowed Stars Publications

The Barony of Shadowed Stars produces a number of regular publications, including our monthly business meeting notes and quarterly newsletter. You can check them out online here on the Publications page. If you'd like a print copy of our quarterly newsletter, The Shadow Press, please inquire with the Chronicler at shadowedstars.chronicler AT midrealm DOT org, and we'll be happy to send you a copy free of charge (US only).

The Shadow Press

Shadow Press Submissions

Interested in submitting articles or content to The Shadow Press? Excellent! Submitting is easy. Just send your material to Lady Broinninn ingen Magnusa, the Shadowed Stars Chronicler at ladybroinninn at aol dot com. Please submit only material you created. You'll also need to turn in the appropriate release forms.

If you have any further questions about these release forms, check out the Forms section of the Midrealm Chronicler's page at You can also get specific information about each form and field in the Release forms FAQ. If you you still don't know which release forms you need, please feel free to ask our Chronicler.

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