The Barony of Shadowed Stars

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This Land is Our Land

...and the Animal Husbandry Symposium


Site opens Friday, May 18th at 5pm
Saturday, May 19th gate will be open from 8am to 3pm
Sunday, May 20th site closes at noon


1240 4-H Park Rd
Bluffton, IN 46714


Hailsa! The time is coming again quickly for the Barony of Shadowed Stars spring event. This year we have added the Animal Husbandry Symposium to the event along with a full compliment of equestrian activities to go along with armored combat, rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, A&S classes and competition, and general revelry for all! Come out and enjoy the hospitality of our great Barony and see old friends while making new ones.

Sir Ulrich Halfdan Ulfsson, Event Steward
Contact Info: 9924 Northbrook Valley Dr,
apt 2. Fort Wayne, IN 46825.
Syrulrich AT

Lady Zilia degli Giudici Co-Event Steward

Class Coordinator-Animal Husbandry Symposium Dame Kriemhilt von Ebersberg, kriemhiltve AT
Best method of contact is via email or facebook (Sabine Lessing-Tyson).
My phone number is 248-418-1082, text is best or please leave voice mail

MIC: Baron Fergus MacPherson shadowedstars.marshal AT

RMIC: Lord Rashid al–Sanna shadowedstars.rapier AT

Archery MIC: Forrester Alfairin alfairin.fani AT

Thrown Weapons MIC: Lady Prudence of Colleah shadowedstars.thrown AT

Equestrian MIC: Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars shadowedstars.equestrian AT

Feast Steward: HL Jerusha a’Laon 602.423.9203 (cell)


Schedule Friday
5pm-Inspections and Open Range
9am Friend or Foe Shoot
11 am Shoot the Head Through the Window
12pm Lunch Break
1pm Wreath Shoot
2pm Open Range
4pm Range closes for the day
9am Pancake Shoot
11am Range closes



Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
10am-11am open Introduction to Heraldry open
11am-12pm Introduction to Fingerlooping open Introduction to Tanning
12pm-1pm open Fabric Block Printing Gilding for Illumination
1pm-2pm Beginning Lucet Fabric Block Printing cont. Gilding for Illumination cont.
2pm-3pm Parallel Two-Color Lucet open Flavors in Brewing
3pm-4pm Basic Embroidery Building a Persona Profile open
4pm-5pm Basic Embroidery cont. Period Spices Medieval Coining

Thrown Weapons

Schedule Friday
range set-up, open throw if interest/time afterwards
10-11am open throw
11am-12pm spring peepers throw
"those darn frogs are making too much racket,
hit 'um with what you've got (your choice of weapon),
1 point for every frog"
12pm-1pm break for lunch
1pm-2pm open throw
2pm-4:30pm more peeps!
"even more noisey spring animals to throw at,
for every 5 sticks with your weapon of choice you get a prize!"
4:30pm-5pm open throw
range tear down