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This Land is Our Land

...and the Animal Husbandry Symposium


Site opens Friday, May 18th at 5pm
Saturday, May 19th gate will be open from 8am to 3pm
Sunday, May 20th site closes at noon


1240 4-H Park Rd
Bluffton, IN 46714


How Much?

Weekend: $20 ($5 member discount)
Day trip: $15 ($5 member discount)
Ages 6-12 $5 (day or weekend)
5 and under free
Equestrian fee: stall $5, bedding $5, hay $5
Camping fee $5 per tent
Family cap: $30 with Membership
Feast: $10-Adult, $5-Children age 5-12, $2.00 for children 5 and under
Shadow Tavern: $6 per lunch

Hailsa! The time is coming again quickly for the Barony of Shadowed Stars spring event. This year we have added the Animal Husbandry Symposium to the event along with a full compliment of equestrian activities to go along with armored combat, rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, A&S classes and competition, and general revelry for all! Come out and enjoy the hospitality of our great Barony and see old friends while making new ones.

Baron Ulrich Halfdan Ulfsson, Event Steward
Contact Info: 9924 Northbrook Valley Dr,
apt 2. Fort Wayne, IN 46825.
Syrulrich AT

Lady Zilia degli Giudici Co-Event Steward
ladyziliadelgiudice AT

Class Coordinator-Animal Husbandry Symposium Dame Kriemhilt von Ebersberg, kriemhiltve AT
Best method of contact is via email or facebook (Sabine Lessing-Tyson).
My phone number is 248-418-1082, text is best or please leave voice mail

MIC: Baron Fergus MacPherson shadowedstars.marshal AT

RMIC: Lord Rashid al–Sanna shadowedstars.rapier AT

Archery MIC: Forrester Alfairin alfairin.fani AT

Thrown Weapons MIC: Lady Prudence of Colleah shadowedstars.thrown AT

Equestrian MIC: Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars shadowedstars.equestrian AT

Feast Steward: HL Jerusha a’Laon 602.423.9203 (cell)

Merchant co-ordinator: HL Aveline de Ceresbroch 260-710-3027

Volunteer opportunities
Volunteer slots are available, and can be found here


Site Rules Archery Armored Classes Coursing Equestrian Feast/Dining Thrown Weapons Rapier Combat Merchanting

Site Rules

This site is officially dry and anyone found violating this policy will be asked to leave. Local Police patrol the site often.

Well-attended above-ground fires are permitted.

Equine Health Requirements
The Indiana State Board of Animal Health requires all equines being transported into Indiana to have a Coggins dated within 12 months of the event and a traveling health certificate dated within 30 days of the event. For full information, please go to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Coggins are required for all equus on site regardless of permanent or temporary residency of equus

Friendly, leash in-hand or securely tethered and supervised dogs with identification tags are welcome on site and inside buildings. However, by request, dogs unfamiliar with horses are discouraged because one sniff, bark, or lunge can result in a spooked horse. Please keep dogs far away from cart horses. Riders and carts will be allowed to patrol the premises on roadways and they have the right of way. Dogs may be temporarily contained in open horse stalls- one hour max, post your contact information, water must be provided, clean up your messes, excessive barkers will asked to leave the barn.

If you are bringing children, please be extra diligent with your supervision as there will be many horses and other hazards onsite.

If you are bringing children of whom you are not the legal guardian, then there are two forms you will need to bring for each child. Both need to be signed by the child's parent or legal guardian. ONE MUST BE NOTARIZED per Indiana law. This one needs the notarization, and will be kept with the child at all times. This one is the usual Minor Waiver. PLEASE have both forms filled out and signed/notarized where appropriate for each child you will be bringing that you are not the parent or legal guardian of. This requirement is out of our control and the children affected will not be allowed to attend if they are not completed properly before arrival. Thank you.


Schedule Friday
5pm-Inspections and Open Range
9am Friend or Foe Shoot
11 am Shoot the Head Through the Window
12pm Lunch Break
1pm Wreath Shoot
2pm Open Range
4pm Range closes for the day
9am Pancake Shoot
11am Range closes


Schedule Saturday
11am-12pm Deadpool Tourney: only a strike to the head removes a fighter from the tourney. Each person must use 2 weapons (if a fighter lacks the two weapon auth, they must fight single weapon without a shield). Fighters take leg and arm strikes as normal. A killing blow to the body stops the fight, but both fighters regenerate and get back in line. Prize is a movie gift card.

12pm-1pm lunch: list will be open for pickups

1pm-3pm Kessel Run Tourney: Four combatants will hold the field, a fifth “solo” fighter will fight each combatant in turn. A win will have time subtracted from total time for Solo, and a loss will subtract time from the combatant. This will continue until each person has been part of the Kessel Run and Solo. Best Time wins a movie gift card. For example: solo fights combatants A,B,C, and D. Solo wins 3 fights, but has a loss to B. Solos gets -10sec/fight with ACD, and B gets -10sec to their total time as solo.

3pm Unbelt Practice


Animal Symposium Class schedule


Time Location Class Title Instructor Animal Category
9:00-11:00 Main Eq. Arena Q&A during Coursing of the Hounds Middle Kingdom Coursers Dogs - Coursing
11:00-2:00, 3:00-5:00 Walking demo Falcons and Other Raptors Lord Gwydion Glyndwr Bird - Hunting
11:00-12:00 Hounds Area How to Get Started in Coursing Countess Catarina deBruyn & Dr. Oliver Watson III Dogs - Coursing
11:00-12:30 A Period Poultry - An Overview of Domestic Fowl Commonly Kept. Includes Pigeons and Doves Abbott Johann von Metten Bird - Farm
1:00-2:00 A Parrots in Period - A Brief Look at the History of Companion Birds Diana Suciu with assistant Kiki (an African Grey Parrot) Bird - Pet
2:00-3:00 A Quail Lady Iarina Bird - Farm/Hunting
2:00-3:00 B - Main Building Beekeeping Lord Gwydion Glyndwr Bees
3:00-4:00 A Rabbit - Care, Keeping and Choosing Lady Alys Rose & Lady Amala Small Animal - Farm
4:00-5:00 A Rabbit - Fiber Processing Lady Alys Rose & Lady Amala Small Animal - Farm
See Equestrian schedule Clicker Training for All Creatures Great and Small Lady Robyn Wilderkyn Training - All
See Equestrian schedule Horse and Rider communication Lancer Kiltigern MacClibarn with horses Training - Equestrian

Non-Animal Symposium A&S Classes


Time Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
11am-12pm Fingerlooping Midrealm Peers OPEN
12pm-1pm Quick & Easy Armor Fabric Block Printing OPEN
1pm-2pm Beginning Lucet Fabric Block Printing cont. Illumination Gilding
2pm-3pm Parallel Two-Color Lucet Woodworking Q&A Illumination Gilding (cont'd)
3pm-4pm Basic Embroidery OPEN Drop Wire Pendant
4pm-5pm Basic Embroidery cont. Period Spices Intro to Coining


Greetings from the Middle Kingdom Hounds Guild! Lady Giuliana here, with a few helpful tips and reminders for coursing Saturday morning. Hound coursing is open to any hound of any breed that is older than 12 months of age & up to date on their vaccinations. There a just a few things that you need to bring for your hound.
1) Written proof of vaccinations.
2) Leash, collar, muzzle, food & water for your dog.
3) Must be willing to go through hound handlers training. It takes about 15 minutes and you will be authorized at the end.
If you think your hound might be interested in chasing plastic bunnies with us, meet us in the arena at 9am.
I hope we see you there!

In service to the Hounds,
Giuliana Lucia Solari


Welcome equestrians! This event is focused on training and learning about the medieval games and activities. Although there are many activities to choose from, it will be a slower pace and time will be taken to discuss and grow our equestrian skills. All mounts should make a minimum effort (maximum preferred) to appear medieval. Saddle pad covers are the minimum. No judgement on modern tack (well, maybe neon nylon...).

Consider skipping the tent and sleeping on a cot in a stall (same price- $5). They are waterproof and well-ventilated.

Our hope is that you will join in and socialize with your fellow equestrians to establish friendships and connections. Please join us for lunch in the yellow and white striped canopy (near the horse barn) for lunch (12-1) for 1) a "show-and-tell" of games equipment (please bring one of each games stand that you own for people to take notes, 2) a "show-and-tell" of barding (horse costumes) for people to see the details and shortcuts of your equipment. *Half page handout copies of measurements and materials are MOST welcome, 3) a round table discussion of A) what activities you want to see more at events, B) ways to make equestrians more visible at events, and C) what your goals are to look and ride just a little better over the next year (10% improvement theory). It's a support and "accountabili-buddy" session. Evening bonfire and social circle in the same location.

With any luck, we would like to take lots of videos and photos of the riders to use as a reflection tool for equitation and body mechanics. We will try to review these with you and discuss methods for improvement.

*Adult equestrians may lunge or ride *without weapons* in the arenas if the gates are closed *without* marshal supervision. A marshal must be present if you are going to hold a weapon. Adult riders may ride the site in groups of two or more. Please tell the EqMiC, Gwendolyn, or other staff that you are leaving. *Make smart choices and don't ruin it for everyone.

Jousting 101, 102, and practicum are welcome to all- even if *you* don't want to joust, take your horse through the steps and gain skill in troubleshooting. You only need armor if you will be receiving strikes. Maybe some jousters will allow you to strike them as a practice.

Mounted archery will be taught at 11:00 a.m. on foot (location TBD) with emphasis on a specific arrow release. Please come practice your own method as well. The class continues after lunch (at 1:00 p.m.) on horseback employing your training. Ride and shoot again Sunday morning from 9-11 a.m.

Site closes at 12 noon. Event staff will clean up from 12-2 p.m.

Please observe quiet time around the barn around O-dark-thirty. Lights off in the barn as early as possible.


Day Time Main Arena Small Arena Non-riding classes
Friday 6-8pm Games Open Riding
Saturday 9am-10am Hounds Coursing games
10am-11am Hounds Coursing games
11am-12pm Clicker Training for All Creatures Great and Small Auths Mounted Archery
12pm-1pm Lunch Lunch Lunch
1pm-2pm Mounted Archery Ride before a prince
2pm-3pm Jousting 101 Horse and Rider Communication
3pm-4pm Jousting 102 Buzkashi/Tippet Tag
4pm-5pm joust practicum desensitization
Sunday 9am-11am Mounted Archery Mounted Combat

Clicker Training class supplies: Instructor will provide clickers and target sticks. You will need lots of SMALL food treats to give to your animals during an hour of training: carrot slices (not large chunks) for horses, small treats for dogs, seed for chickens


Friday Night - Various Soups and Bread - DONATIONS ACCEPTED

Saturday Morning 8am-lunch- Carbs n' Coffee (Water & Juice also provided) - DONATIONS ACCEPTED

Saturday Lunch 11-2pm - Ham or Turkey Wrap (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese)
Pick of 2 sides - Veggies & Hummus, Boiled Eggs, Banana/Apple - $6.00
(Tickets can be purchased at Gate)
Saturday Dinner 6:30pm-till out - Taco Tavern - $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 5 to 12, $2.00 for children 5 and under (Tickets can be purchased at Gate)
Choose from either Taco Shells, Flour Tortilla or burrito bowl.
Protein Choices - Roasted Chicken, Ground Beef, Pulled Pork, Black Beans, Pinto Beans
Sides: Cilantro/Lime Rice, Regular Rice, Lettuce, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Salsa, Cheese.


The Harpy & The Hag (main building)
Maumee River Leather Company (main building)
Mid East Magic (main building)
Trade Post Soaps (main building)
Hammer, Forge, and File (near the equestrian arena)
North Star Armoury (main building)


Schedule Saturday

9am-List Opens - Authorizations and Warm-ups (2 lists will available, 1 for tourneys, the other for pickups/warmups)

10am-Novice Tourney - fencers with less than 2 years experience or no tournament victories are allowed. Single Elimination Format. Best 2 of 3 bouts. Single rapier only.

11am-The Animals' Tournament: Bring an animal-themed Soft Parry and pit your ferocity against all comes in a round robin tourney. Pool size determined by the number of combatants.
Specific conventions of the day will include Dead is Dead (a double kill is a loss for both), and Tip Cuts -- the latter being dependent upon the agreement of all tournament combatants at the beginning of the tournament. Late entrants get no say in that decision and must abide by the decision.

12pm/noon Lunch - list will be open for pickups

1pm-Risk Tourney Format: Round robin, single pass, multiple rounds depending on attendance
Each victory earns the fencer 1 point. For each pairing, both fencers may choose their weapons style and handicaps. Each handicap earns bonus points, and handicaps may be combined to earn up to 7 points per bout.
— Sword and secondary: +0 points
— No secondary: +1 point
— Offhanded*: +1 point
— Single arm**: +2 points
— Weak***: +3 points
*If you are ambidextrous, then your opponent may choose which hand you use.
**No, you do not also get the No Secondary bonus.
***Any touch and doubles count as a loss.

2pm-List open for pickups
3pm-List open for pickups
4pm-List Closed

Thrown Weapons

Schedule Friday
range set-up, open throw if interest/time afterwards
10-11am open throw
11am-12pm spring peepers throw
"those darn frogs are making too much racket,
hit 'um with what you've got (your choice of weapon),
1 point for every frog"
12pm-1pm break for lunch
1pm-2pm open throw
2pm-4:30pm more peeps!
"even more noisey spring animals to throw at,
for every 5 sticks with your weapon of choice you get a prize!"
4:30pm-5pm open throw
range tear down