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The Crown Tournament and Kingdom A & S of William and Isolde

Unto the denizens of the Mighty Midrealm do We, Baron Fergus MacPherson and Baroness Maggie MacKeith, send warm greetings,

As the earth prepares to bloom into glorious spring, so too must we all prepare to secure the Dragon Throne. As the skies and ground celebrate seasonal renewal, so too must we celebrate the artistry and skill of those in our kingdom who create the arts of sciences of days gone by.

Please join the Barony of Shadowed Stars in welcoming our King and Queen, William and Isolde, as we host the Midrealm Spring Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S Competition. We open wide our doors and our hearts and bid you come to our lands. We have a bountiful hearth that we are eager to share with you all, our friends. We have a beautiful site at which to marvel at the wonder of our artisans and the skills of our fighters.

Come to the Barony of Shadowed Stars on May 27 and 28, AS LII, and commemorate the history of our kingdom as we rejoice in the renewal of Spring!


May 27–28, 2017.

Saturday: 9am-9pm
Sunday: 9am-10pm


Concordia High School
1601 St Joe River Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

How Much?

One Day Only: $15 adults, $5 ages 6-12, 5 and under free.
Weekend: $20 adults, $5 ages 6-12, 5 and under free.
SCA Member price: One Day $10, Weekend $15. .
Family Cap $25 (calculation does not include NMS).

Send Pre-registrations c/o Mary Wiard, 3613 Temberton Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46815.
For any questions, call 260-418-8412 (no calls after 10pm).
Please make check or money order out to: SCA Inc, Barony of Shadowed Stars
Pre-Registration Form:Here
Please note the family cap.

Feast $10

The Why! - Event Schedule


9:00 - Site Opens
10:00 - Laurel Meeting
10:00 - Rapier and Heavy lists open
10:00 - Classes and Workshops start
11:00 - Judges Meeting
12:00 - Kingdom A&S Judging begins
2:00 - MoD Meeting
3:00 - Pelican Meeting
4:00 - Rapier and Heavy lists close
5:00 - Kingdom A&S Judging ends
6:00 - Court
9:00 - Site closes


8:30 - Site Opens
8:30 - Armor inspections and lists open for warm up
10:00 - Set up for procession
10:30 - Morning court followed by procession
~11:30 - Crown Tournament, begins after procession
4:00-4:45 - Chivalry meeting and Princess Tea, time dependent on Tourney conclusion
5:45 - Evening Court
~7:00 - Feast - begins after court
10pm – Site closes

Youth point schedule:

10:00-Craft time (more info to come)
11:00-Make and shoot Catapaults
12:00-break for lunch
1:00-Yarn Fun-Yarn activities for the younger kids and knitting 101 for the older kids
2:00-Story/Song time-Bring a favorite medieval short story or SCA song
4:00-Crafts: make your own sun catcher
TBD, more info to come

Want to Help?

Volunteer Here!

Site Rules:

- Space is limited so please refrain from large day camps. No buffet style food spreads, please limit to a small cooler.
- Site is bone dry.
- The site has requested water only in open containers/mugs in the gymnasium.
- The site is a high school. There is no smoking or vaping allowed on the premises. You will have to go across the street in order to smoke or vape. If anyone is caught smoking in their vehicle on school grounds they will be asked to leave with no refund.
- There is an area that A&S entrants and combatants can drop equipment off directly into the gym. Please see the parking staff for directions.
- There is an elevator on site for disability use. Please see a member of staff or gate personnel to use the elevator.

Event Staff:

Event Steward

—Captain Ulrich Halfdanr Ulfsson
Jason Wiard 260-615-1734 (no calls after 10)

Deputy Event Steward

—Andreas Blacwode
Drew Nicholson 708-606-9490

Royalty Liaison

—Baroness Maggie MacKeith
(Wendy Martin-Glick) 260-466-2102 (no calls after 10)

Merchant Coordinator

—Lady Broinninn Ingen Magnusa
260-418-8412 (no calls after 10)

Class Coordinator

—Lady Leandra Corzi
(Mandy Oliver)

Rapier Marshal

—Rashid al-Sanna
(Marshal Oliver) 989-714-2307

If you have any further questions, please contact one of the event stewards.

Hotel Information

Hawthorn Suites
4919 Lima Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Phone: 260-484-4700
Three options:
Single -King sized bed with a pull-out couch $99
Double – 2 Queen sized beds with a pull-out couch $109
Suite - One King sized bed plus one Queen sized bed plus a pull-out couch $139
Rooms include a free hot breakfast buffet
Rates good until May 12th. Rooms reserved under SCA.
Hawthorn Suites Site

Don’s Hall's Guest House
1313 W Washington Center Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Phone: 260-489-2524
Three options:
Two Full sized beds $89
One King sized bed $99
Loft room – One Queen sized bed plus a full-sized mattress in the loft $109
All rooms include breakfast for two
Rates good until April 26th. Rooms reserved under SCA.
Don Hall's Site


Class Details

Shadow Tavern Menu!

Open Hours: 11-1
There will be two types of soup for lunch and a variety of quiches. Vegetable barley soup and Bacon Cassoulet.
In addition to this there will also be Gluten Free, vegetarian, and vegan options available.

Saturday lunch:

Soup, quiche, salad, sweet rice and a drink $6

Sunday lunch:

Sausage w/bun or mushroom tart, choice of (3) - pickle, cheese cubes, hard boiled egg, carrots&celery, or fruit, a cookie and a drink $6

Spring 2017 Crown Tournament Feast Menu!

Feast will follow Court on Sunday.
The menu is a tribute to our Queen Isolde and the book she wrote on Anglo Saxon food. A few minor changes were made to accommodate Their Royal Majesties William and Isolde.

On the Table:
Oat Bread
Sourdough Rye Bread
Honey Butter
Green Sauce
Strawberry Sauce
Cucumber Salad

First Course:
Roasted Chicken with Honey and Spices
Salad with Herb Dressing or Raspberry Sauce
Barley Pilaf

Second Course:
Pork w/Pear Butter or Mustard Sauce
Honeyed Carrots
Sage Eggs
Cheese Custard

Dessert Course:
Spice Cake with Cream
Cheesecakes with Blackberries

Non-alcoholic Meade, cider, ale, or Cold Green Tea

Merchant details:

Here are the 14 Confirmed Vendors as of right now:
- Beads by Sigulf: handmade glass beads, bone items (including dice), stone beads, Norse wire weave, some handmade jewelry
- Costume Ladies/Sparks of Inspiration: belt bags, drawstring bags, some trims, fabric remnants, fabric by the yard/ jewelry
- The Trade Post Supply Co: spinning supplies, fiber arts supplies, soaps, and the odd trinket
- Cabochons by Bev: natural stone jewelry
- Jacqueline's Herbs: dried fresh herbs, teas, and capsules; able to make teas based on the customer's interests or needs
- Munitions Grade Arms: rattan, thrusting tips, armor
- By My Hand Designs, LLC: fighting stuff, jewelry, craft tools
- Medieval Medallions: hand-painted award medallions
- Woodmont Accessories: belts, leather goods, aiglets, buckles, and other dress accessories
- White Wolf and Phoenix: hand-woven trim, string, tools for weaving
- North Star Armoury: books, jewelry, maybe armour
- Hoard Silver: handmade silver jewelry
- Hammer, Forge, & File, Inc.: period pottery, pewter, silver
- Wired Whymsy: jewelry and accessories

We also are maintaining a Waiting List of Merchants!
Interested parties please contact the Merchant Liaison:
Lady Broinninn Ingen Magnusa
Facebook: Mary Hurley Wiard (Brianna Duncan)
Phone: 260-418-8412 (no calls or texts after 10pm)

Facebook Event Page