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Mounted War Games VIII

Presents the Day of the Dragon


Thursday August 30th to
Monday September 3rd 12pm


Wells County 4-H Fairgrounds
1240 4-H Park Rd
Bluffton, IN 46714



Adult:Weekend Rate $25 or $20 w/membership
Adult Day Rate: $15 or $10 w/membership
Youth (6-17): Weekend Rate $10
Youth (6-17) Day Rate $5
Youth 5 and under are free
Family Site Cap for Weekend: $50 w/membership
Family Site Cap for Day: $25 w/membership
Food and electrical hookup not included in family cap
Camping: $5 Per Adult
Electrical hookup (available upon request, medical needs have first dibs): $10
Meal plan weekend: $50
Friady, Saturday and Sunday dinners (day of): $12
Saturday dinner below the salt: $8
All other meals available a la carte: $6
Horse stalls: $5/weekend, horses have first dibs
Bedding and hay available for on-site pick-up, limited quantities so pre-reg for yours early!
Hay $5/bale
Shavings are $5/bag

Please make checks made out to: SCA, inc, Barony of Shadowed Stars. Mail to 6120 Seabree Lane Fort Wayne, IN 46835.
Unfortunately at this time, we can not do PayPal, but hope to have this corrected a few weeks before the event.

Member Discount : $5
Get $5 off site fee with valid SCA membership!

Come one and all to the eighth Mounted War Games! One of the largest equestrian events on the Known World. With four, full days of riding, you will be able to participate in many activities. We will have jousting, mounted combat, armored combat, rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and classes. The Regional MOAS will be holding a Craftperson’s Faire on September 1st

More info has been added, and is being added, so check back every few days to see what has changed!


  • Food
  • Activities
  • Merchants
  • Event Staff
  • Site Information

    The site for Mounted War Games VII is officially dry and anyone found violating this policy will be asked to leave. Local Police patrol the site often.

    Well-attended above-ground fires are permitted.

    Equine Health Requirements
    The Indiana State Board of Animal Health requires all equines being transported into Indiana to have a Coggins dated within 12 months of the event and a traveling health certificate dated within 30 days of the event. For full information, please go to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Coggins are required for all equus on site regardless of permanent or temporary residency of equus

    Friendly, leash in-hand or securely tethered and supervised dogs with identification tags are welcome on site and inside buildings. However, by request, dogs unfamiliar with horses are discouraged because one sniff, bark, or lunge can result in a spooked horse. Please keep dogs far away from cart horses. Riders and carts will be allowed to patrol the premises on roadways and they have the right of way. Dogs may be temporarily contained in open horse stalls- one hour max, post your contact information, water must be provided, clean up your messes, excessive barkers will asked to leave the barn.

    If you are bringing children, please be extra diligent with your supervision as there will be many horses and other hazards onsite.

    If you are bringing children of whom you are not the legal guardian, then there are two forms you will need to bring for each child. Both need to be signed by the child's parent or legal guardian. ONE MUST BE NOTARIZED per Indiana law. This one needs the notarization, and will be kept with the child at all times. This one is the usual Minor Waiver. PLEASE have both forms filled out and signed/notarized where appropriate for each child you will be bringing that you are not the parent or legal guardian of. This requirement is out of our control and the children affected will not be allowed to attend if they are not completed properly before arrival. Thank you.

Event Staff

Event Steward
Fergus MacPherson
Phone: 260-466-9462
Email: baronfergusmacpherson AT gmail DOT com

Archery MiC TBD
Armored MiC Lord Gavin Hawkerton
Equestrian MiC Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars e-mail: jmahocker AT gmail DOT com
Rapier MiC Cap'n Mael Duin mac Gilla Ennae
Class Coordinator Lady Aveline de Ceresbroc e-mail:harpyandhag AT gmail DOT com
Feast Steward Mistress Maggie MacKeith e-mail: maggiemackeith AT gmail DOT com and The Honorable Lady Solveig Sigulfsdottir e-mail: Solveig.sigulfsdottir AT gmail DOT com (please email dietary restrictions to Solveig by 8/17)
Merchant coordinator Lady Leandra Corzi
Thrown Weapons MiC Lady Prudence of Colleah e-mail: prudencesbetter AT outlook DOT com
Royalty Liason Lady Zilia degli Giudici


Thursday Black Bean Soup (vegan)
Chicken and Rice Soup
Tea or Lemonade
Donations Welcome!

Friday Breakfast: muffins, pastries, boiled eggs, yogurt, fruit and granola Coffee, tea, cocoa, milk

Bagged Lunch: Hot dogs or PB&J (V)
Carrots and celery
Tea or lemonade

Dinner: Angel hair pasta (GF available, if requested), Red Sauce (V), Meat sauce, alfredo sauce (V)
Salad (V, GF)
Garlic bread (V)
Lemon Ice
Tea or lemonade

Breakfast: Breakfast casseroles (vegetarian option available)
Toast and Jam
Coffee, tea, cocoa, milk

Bagged Lunch: Ham or turkey sandwiches
Veggies and hummus (V)
Apples and grapes
Cheese cubes
Tea or lemonade

A Wedding Feast for Sofia and Wolfgang:
On the table
Bread-white and pumpernickel (V) *
Butter (V) (GF)
Cheese-plain and herbed (V) (GF)
Green olives (V) (GF)
A salad of roasted onions (V) (GF)
Green leafy salad with a vinaigrette dressing (V) (GF)
Stuffed eggs (GF)

An Italian course
Roasted chicken (GF)
Pomegranate and lemon sauce (V) (GF)
Roman style macaroni (V)
A dish of rice with oil and saffron (V) (GF)
Mushrooms with herbs (V) (GF)
Peas fried in butter (V) (GF)

A German course
Spiced pork (GF)
A sauce of tart cherries (V) (GF)
Sausages (GF)
Mustards (V) (GF)
Fried root vegetables (V) (GF)
Cucumber salad (V) (GF)
Pickled vegetables (V) (GF)
A Sweet Ending
Chocolate cake (V) (GF)
Rice tart (V) *
Pears cooked in wine (V) (GF)
Spice cake (V)
Candied fennel (V)
*Gluten Free available

Below the Salt Seating menu:
Bread and butter
Tea or lemonade

Breakfast: Pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs
Coffee, tea, cocoa, milk

Bagged Lunch: wraps: salami and pepperoni or roast beef
Veggie wrap (V)
String cheese
Tea or lemonade

Dinner with Their Highnesses, following Court:
Jaeger Schnitzel with Mushroom sauce
Spätzle in vegetable broth (V)
Green Beans (V)
Roasted Potatoes (V)
Apple Cake
Tea or Lemonade

Meal Plans
Food Plan: $50 for Friday morning-Sunday evening+ light breakfast Monday (save $22 for the weekend!!)
Ala Carte Prices: $6 Breakfast (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) and Lunch (Fri, Sat, Sun), $12 Dinner (Fri, Sat, Sun) Saturday below-the-salt seating: $8

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in no particular order:
White Hart Traders

Hammer, Forge, and File.
Period pottery, pewter-ware, jewelry, sometimes hand-forged weapons.

Trader Supply Company
Hand made soaps

Shadowed Stars Gold key Garage Sale
Miscellaneous supplies that have been donated to the group, which have overstocked us, and will allow us to raise funds for future supplies.

Are you interested in merchanting at our weekend-long fall event in Bluffton, Indiana?

All merchants at our event have:
- No booth or table fee
- Spacious indoor location
- Electricity provided -
Please contact our Merchant Co-ordinator listed above with staff.

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