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Mounted War Games IX

Presents the Day of the Dragon and Tournament Of Chivalry and MK Heraldic and Scribal Symposium


Thursday August 29th gate opens at 5pm to
Monday September 2nd 12pm 2019


Wells County 4-H Fairgrounds
1240 4-H Park Rd
Bluffton, IN 46714



Adult:Weekend Rate $25 or $20 w/membership
Adult Day Rate: $15 or $10 w/membership
Youth (6-17): Weekend Rate $10
Youth (6-17) Day Rate $5
Youth 5 and under are free
Family Site Cap for Weekend: $60 w/membership
Family Site Cap for Day: $25 w/membership
Food and electrical hookup not included in family cap
Camping: $5 Per Adult
Electrical hookup (available upon request, medical needs have first dibs): $10
Horse stalls: $5/weekend, horses have first dibs
Bedding and hay available for on-site pick-up, limited quantities so pre-reg for yours early!
Please contact Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars jmahocker AT gmail DOT com to reserve stalls, bedding and hay and for any equestrian questions.

Saturday and Sunday dinners: $12 each


Come one and all to the Ninth Mounted War Games! One of the largest equestrian events on the Known World. With four, full days of riding, you will be able to participate in many activities. We will have jousting, ALL THE EQUESTRIAN GAMES! mounted combat, armored combat and the Tournament of Chivalry, rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and MK Heraldic and Scribal Symposium classes. Gate will be open 5-9pm Thursday, Friday approx. 8am-midnight, Saturday 8am-2pm

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Retaining for their Majesties
Retaining for his Highness

We Look forward to seeing you there!


  • Food
  • Activities
  • Merchants
  • Event Staff
  • Site Information

    The site for Mounted War Games IX is officially dry and anyone found violating this policy will be asked to leave. Local Police patrol the site often.

    Well-attended above-ground fires are permitted.

    Equine Health Requirements
    The Indiana State Board of Animal Health requires all equines being transported into Indiana to have a Coggins dated within 12 months of the event and a traveling health certificate dated within 30 days of the event. For full information, please go to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

    Friendly, leash in-hand or securely tethered and supervised dogs with identification tags are welcome on site and inside buildings. However, by request, dogs unfamiliar with horses are discouraged because one sniff, bark, or lunge can result in a spooked horse. Please keep dogs far away from cart horses. Riders and carts will be allowed to patrol the premises on roadways and they have the right of way. Dogs may be temporarily contained in open horse stalls- one hour max, post your contact information, water must be provided, clean up your messes, excessive barkers will asked to leave the barn.

    If you are bringing children, please be extra diligent with your supervision as there will be many horses and other hazards onsite.

    If you are bringing children of whom you are not the legal guardian, then there are two forms you will need to bring for each child. Both need to be signed by the child's parent or legal guardian. ONE MUST BE NOTARIZED per Indiana law. This one needs the notarization, and will be kept with the child at all times. This one is the usual Minor Waiver. PLEASE have both forms filled out and signed/notarized where appropriate for each child you will be bringing that you are not the parent or legal guardian of. This requirement is out of our control and the children affected will not be allowed to attend if they are not completed properly before arrival. Thank you.

Event Staff

Event Steward
Prudence Of Colleah
Phone: 260-447-2880
Email: Rachelcoffmanmalaney AT gmail DOT com

Archery MiC Lady Ellbríg ingen Eoain e-mail: Pboelte1 AT gmail DOT com
Armored MiC Lord Gavin Hawkerton e-mail: shadowedstars.marshal AT midrealm DOT org
Equestrian MiC Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars e-mail: jmahocker AT gmail DOT com
Rapier MiC Cap'n Mael Duin mac Gilla Ennae e-mail: CapnMael At gmail Dot com
Class Coordinator Muirenn ingen Fáelchon Uí Clerígh e-mail: shadowedstars.herald AT midrealm DOT org
Merchant coordinator Lady Leandra Corzi e-mail: gwerithkay AT gmail Dot com
Thrown Weapons MiC Lady Prudence of Colleah e-mail: Rachelcoffmanmalaney AT gmail DOT com


Overall Schedule

Thursday: Gate opens at 5pm and closes at 9pm

Friday: Gate opens at 9am
Activities begin TW range set-up
Archery Range Set up Friday night, 7 pm
Bardic circle dusk

Breakfast tavern 7:30am - 9:30am
gate opens 8:30am
Coffee with the King 8:30am
Activities begin 8:30am
Lunch Tavern opens 11:30am
Lunch Tavern closes 1:30pm
gate closes at 2pm
Chivalry meeting after the last TOC session
Tentative Royal court time of 5pm
Feast will be after court
quiet hours start at 1am

Coffee/snack bar 7:30am-9:30am
Gate opens at 9am
Activities begin 8:30am
Lunch Tavern opens 11:30am
Lunch Tavern closes 1:30pm
Baronial court 5pm
Feast will be after court
quiet hours start at 1am
Monday: site closes at noon

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Equestrian Activities

EqMic Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Please be sure to check out the health requirements above.

Equestrians must register their horses prior to arriving on site to jmahocker AT gmail DOT com . (No money required.)

Activity Time Location Coordinator/Description Authorizations Required
Open Riding 4-7pm Throughout Site Groups of 2-4 only. Get prior permission from Lancer Gwendolyn or Lancer Kiltigern General Riding auth required
Authorizations 7-9pm Indoor Arena
Authorizations 9am-noon Indoor Arena*
Challenge Course: "Feed the Livestock" 10am-noon Grass Field Lancer Kiltigern Games auth required
Lunch/Class: How to Ride Before a Prince 12-1pm Equestrian Tent Lancer Gwendolyn: discuss the logistics and strategies of competing in this competition
Challenge Course 1-3pm Grass Field TBD Games auth required
Mounted Archery 3-4:30pm Main Arena Lancer Gwendolyn: 3 arrows per 3 passes tourney. Auths permitted Mounted archery auth required.
Chariot Archery 4-5:30pm Main Arena Lancer Gwendolyn Driver: driving auth required. Passenger: no auth required.
Dinner break 5:30-7pm
Tippet Tag 7-8pm Make-up arena Lancer Gwendolyn: wear detachable tippets and try to remove opponents' tippets in team and solo rounds Games auth required.
Head to Head 8-9pm Main Arena Lancer Gwendolyn: ride identical courses and collect more points than your chosen opponent Games auth required.
Cavalcade Assembly 9:30am Between Wash Rack and Equestrian Tent Provide equestrian tent with your introduction before departing.
Cavalcade Grand Entry 10-10:45am Around Site, start at wash rack, end at Main Arena Riders and horses wil be announced into the arena; submit intro's to the equestrian tent General Riding auth required. *Games auth required if holding banners, etc.
Egg and Spoon Ride 10:45-11am Main Arena A) Intermediate and advanced riders, B) novice and beginner riders. Follow directions while carrying an egg on a spoon. Drop = DQ. Games auth required.
How to Ride Before a Prince Practicum 11am-noon Make-up arena Lancer Gwendolyn reviews some of your movements and provides suggestions General Riding auth required.
Class: how to fall from a horse 12-1pm Equestrian Tent Wolfgang discusses tips and strategies for falling
Driving Challenge 1-2pm Main Arena Lancer Kiltigern Driving auth required
Mounted to Ground Class 2-3pm Main arena* Ideally over by the heavy field Sir Sato Games auth required
Mounted Combat 3-4pm Main arena* Ideally over by the heavy field Lancer Gwendolyn Mounted Combat auth required.
Crest Combat 4-4:30pm Main arena* Ideally over by the heavy field Lancer Gwendolyn*if enough interest and enough equipment Crest Combat auth required.
Break for Royal Court followed by Dinner
Daiku 7-8:30pm Main Arena Lancer Gwendolyn; Japanese polocrosse Games auth required.
Relay Races 8:30-10pm Main Arena Lancer Gwendolyn; Teams of three get 6 minutes to rack up as many points as they can completing obstacles worth various points Games auth required.
Baronial Championship: TBD
Princely Riding (or cart performance) 9-10:30am Make-up arena TBD; Submit your pattern/form and execute it in front of a scoring judge General Riding auth required
Mounted Archery 10:30am-noon Main arena TBD; 3 arrows per 3 passes tourney. Auths permitted Mounted archery auth required
Chariot Archery 10:30am-noon Main arena TBD; 3 arrows per 3 passes tourney. Auths permitted Driver: driving auth required. Passenger: no auth required.
Lunch Break and Joust set up 12-1pm Main arena ALL HELPERS WELCOME!
Wood Joust 1-2:30pm Main arena Round Robin, 3 passes per opponent, handshakes in between Jousting auth required
Foam Joust 2-4pm Main arena Round Robin, 3 passes per opponent, handshakes in between Jousting auth required
Break for Baronial Court and Dinner
Buzkashi 7-9pm Main arena Two teams wrestle control of the plush goat to earn points Games auth required
Palfrey Pleasure Driving 9:30am Main arena Show off your spiffy mount in harness Driving auth required
Palfrey Pleasure Riding 9:45am Main arena Show off your spiffy mount under saddle General Riding auth required
Ribbon Race (Pairs) 10:00am Main arena Find a teammate and execute gaits while "attached" to your partner Games auth required
Musical Heads 10:15am Main arena Like musical chairs except capture a sarasen head to proceed in the game. Games auth required
Equestrians off site by 12:00 noon, staff by 3:00 p.m.

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Armored Combat

MIC Lord Gavin Hawkerton

8:30am List open for inspections, pick ups, and authorizations.
10:00am Novice Tourney (format dependent on number of participants)
11:00am Morning Session
12:00pm Lunch Break / Class Session 1
12:45pm Afternoon Session 1
1:30pm Afternoon Break / Class Session 2
2:15pm Afternoon Session 2
3:00pm End Session 2
List will close an hour before evening court.

9:00am List open for inspections, pick ups, and authorizations.
11:00am Morning Tourney (format dependent on number of participants)
1:00pm Afternoon Tourney (format dependent on number of participants)
5:00pm List closes

Heavy List Class spaces will be located by the heavy list.
Check with list table for any schedule changes

Name of Class Start/End Times Location Teacher Description Equipment required
Movement in Combat 10:30-11am class 2 Sir Ullr All weapon styles welcome. Weapons and shields only
Philosophy of Fighting 12-1pm class 3 Sir Taylmar How to get better, what blocks a fighters progress Nothing required
Throwing the Perfect Wrap Shot 12-12:30pm class 1 Sir Usted Learn how to throw the perfect wrap shot for you! Power generation for people with less upper body strength ( men, women, diabetics) deliver more power with less wasted energy and less fatigue. Sword and Shield
Legfighting 101 12-12:30pm class 2 Sir Marcus Fighting legged opponents and fighting while legged. Sword and shield - no helmets
Thrust Clinic 1:30-2pm class 1 Sir Cameron A pointed guide to the dangerous end of the sword. Sword
Developing accuracy and shot selection 1:30-2pm class 2 Sir Lothar Sword and Shield
So you want to command? 1:30-2pm class 3 Sir Iri Intro class for fighters who are interested in melee command Nothing required
Art of 3d Fighting 2:30-3:30pm class 3 Sir Donnan The Art of 3D fighting is designed for all levels of fighting. Come learn the “rule of 3”, the Rope Trick, how to beat someone without laying a stick on them, angle fighting (it’s a game of inches) and dirty Knights Tricks. Sword and Shield

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Rapier Combat

MIC Cap'n Mael Duin mac Gilla Ennae

Celebrating The Day of The Dragon 9am List Opens for Inspections and Authorizations
10:30am Tourney One
Noon Lunch Break
1pm Tourney Two
3pm Open/Teaching List
4pm List Activities closed

9am List Opens for Inspections and Authorizations
10:30am Tourney One
Noon Lunch Break 1pm Tourney Two
3pm Open/Teaching List
4pm List Closes

This year, the fencers who are present will get to vote on which of the possible tourneys are run. There are differences for number of participants. I will run the same tourney two consecutive days if you all decide that's what you want to happen.
Tourney Options:

Small Pool Tourneys:
Swiss Five Tourney -- Round Robin Tourney, using the following styles: Single, Dagger, Non-Rigid Parry, Rigid Parry, Case. Best of three passes, Dead is Dead, styles do not need to match. Authorized Two-Handed fencers can substitute that for ONE of the styles (fencer's choice.)

Boast Tourney -- Challenge Tourney. Fencers will recieve a small amount of coins (which must be returned to the marshal after the tourney) to offer as backing their boast. They can challenge any opponent by issuing a boast to their intended opponent along with a wager. The challenged fencer can respond with either "nuh-uh" or their own boast, along with a wager. The fencer who succeeds in pulling off their boast wins the wagered coins from their opponent. At the end of the tourney, the fencer with the most coins wins.

Duelist's Tourney -- Challenge Tourney, opponents decide on either first blood or decicisive victory and fight a single pass. Awarded One point for victory.

You Bet Your Fight -- Challenge Tourney. Fencers will recieve a small amount of coins (which must be returned to the marshal after the tourney) to wager on fight outcomes; either their own or the fencers currently on the list. Winner is the one with the most coins at the end of the tourney.

Large Pool Tourneys:

Double Elimination Tourney -- Challenge Touney. One loss sends you to the lower pool, a loss there drops you from the tourney while a win sends you back to the upper pool. A second loss there eliminates you. Dead is dead will be in effect during this tourney.

Duelist's Tourney -- Challenge Tourney, Pool size determined by number of participants. Opponents decide on either first blood or decicisive victory and fight a single pass. One point for a victory. Top fencers in each pool will chose a second from their pool, who will negotiate the terms of their duel. Once done, the duel will commence to determine the winner.

Save the Dragon Melee -- One team has the job of protecting a Baby Dragon from the attackers. The Dragon can be passed between fencers who are carrying only one weapon. Secondaries cannot be held while in possession of the Dragon. The Dragon can be passed as a final act upon death, but it can also be stolen by an opposing team member (who only has a single blade) at that time as well. Loss of the Dragon ends the melee. Successfully getting the Dragon from the start point to the end point also ends the melee. The teams will switch sides and the melee starts again.

Herald the Safety Bear Melee -- Rules and Victory Conditions will be revealed just before the Melee begins. Any unsafe action that causes a Hold to be called will result in the fencer responsible to be placed in a "time-out" for progressively longer times.

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Thrown Weapons

MIC: Prudence of colleah


9am range opens
10am-12pm open throw/peep shoot
12-1pm range closed for lunch
1-3pm Baronial Championship
3-5pm open throw
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7pm Range set up
9:00-10:00am Inspection and Practice
10:00-11:30am SSAC
11:30am-12:30pm Family shoot
12:30-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:30pm Friend Foe
2:30-3:30pm Castle Window
3:30-4:30pm Regional Archery Championship shoot

8:30-9:30am Inspection and Practice
9:30-10:30am 3 headed dog shoot
11:00-12:00pm Open shoot
10:30am-12:00pm Archery from a Chariot!
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-2:00pm SSAC
3:00-4:00pm Family Shoot
4:00pm-5:00pm baronial shoot
after court Range tear down

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Equestrian and Armored classes can be found with their respective activites.

Current list of classes
Name of Class Start/End Times Location Teacher Description
Vocal Heraldry Track
How to Run a Royal Court 10-11:30am area 2 Baron Andreas Blacwode Running a royal court isn't just about standing next to the king and shouting. There are many paperwork tasks that must be completed both before and after the court. This class walks heralds through that process. In addition, this class will conduct a mock court to enable new heralds to work on their technique and skills outside of high-pressure situations. Students will assist each other by pretending to be various dignitaries of the court while a herald reads a few scroll texts.
Court Heralds Tips and Tricks 12-1pm area 2 Jean Yves de Chierebourg Tips and tricks of being a court herald.
Scribal Track
Gilding for Illumination 11am-1pm area 3 THL Aveline de Ceresbroch This class teaches participants how to prepare their paper or parchment surface to apply the gold flakes to produce a lustrous gold finish to your cards, scrolls, paintings, and invitations - just like they have done for hundreds of years! A suggested donation of $3 for materials is appreciated. Participants as young as 8 years old will enjoy this class with the help of a parent.
Personalizing Award Scrolls 1-2pm area 3 Baroness Isibel inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid Want to make that scroll mean something more to the recipient? Come find out how!! Handouts limited to 10, but auditing is welcome.
Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax: Personalizing Your Scrolls 2-3pm area 3 THL Meadhbh Ramsay Discussion of why and how to personalize scrolls with examples.
Calligraphy Calibration 3-4pm area 3 THL Meadhbh Ramsay Haven't found the perfect quill yet? Try a variety of pens (both dip and cartidge), nibs, inks, papers, ruling methods, and much more. Find some new favorites and trade tips and tricks.
Book Heraldry, and Research Track
Intro to Name and Device Heraldry 10-11am area 4 Lady Muirenn ingen Fáelchon Uí Clérigh This class covers the basics of how to construct a medieval name, and which cultures can mix with each other. It goes over how to design a device by SENA standards. We will also review some eye-bleedingly bad device heraldry that is perfectly passable
Heraldry for Non-Heraldic Cultures 11am-12pm area 4 Baron Konrad Mailander, OP Is your persona from a period before the development of heraldry or from a culture that did not have a heraldic tradition? This class discusses how to design and register heraldry that suits your persona.
Documenting Names Using Internet Sources 12-1pm area 4 Baron Konrad Mailander, OP All the resources you need to document most names can easily be found on the internet if you know where to look. This class will look at a number of sources to find good documentation. Class will also discuss how to summarize the documentaion.
Augmentations of Arms 1-2pm area 4 Baron Konrad Mailander, OP What are augmentations of arms? How are they used in the Midrealm? What are the Society rules? This class covers how to design and register them.
Avoiding Heraldic Cliches 2-3pm area 4 Master Alan Fairfax This class covers the most commonly over-used elements and themes in SCA heraldry, so you can learn how to design a device that is unique and uniquely medieval. Useful information whether you're working on your own device or a consulting herald.
Office Administration track
The Submissions Process and You 11am-12pm area 5 THL Jean Yves de Chierebourg, Dragon Herald This class will tell you what happens after you mail in your heraldic submission.
MKCoH Ranks 12-1pm area 5 Dame Estelle de la Mer Come and learn about the new Kingdom Heraldic Ranks, and what that means for your service as a herald.
Being a Local Persuivant 2-3pm area 5 Baron Konrad Mailander, OP Discussion of the job of a group herald and how to do it well, regardless of your level of expertise.
Dragon Herald AMA (Ask Me Anything) 3-4pm area 5 Ask me anything. Have a question that only the Dragon Herald can answer? Or you just want to go to the top herald in the kingdom with your question? Bring your questions great and small.
Other classes
The Celtic Roundhouse: Lodge of the British Isles 12-1pm area 1 Master Rin Ravenfoe A casual power point discussion about the Roundhouse in the Celtic Iron Age. Development, what we know, building techniques, modern experimental archaeology.
Beginning Beading on Belt Favors 1-2pm area 1< Licia DeSolari Learn how to bead belt favors.
Fiore's Bastoncello 2-3pm area 1< Deorsa MacGhillechearr, CCK, CSO The bastoncello was a period symbol of rank and authority. Many times it was also a person of substance first line of defense. Come learn how to defend yourself in a 14th century Italian alleyway.
Chivalry Then and Now 3-4pm area 1< Master Alan Fairfax The SCA is based on an ideal of chivalry, but people have different ideas about what chivalry means. Medieval people had their own debates about chivalry too! We'll learn about different ideas of chivalry and how they influence the way we play our game.
Fabric Stamping Workshop 10am-1pm area 1 Lady Leandra Corzi Come help up fabric stamp some of our Gold Key garb. If you have something you would like fabric stamped, feel free to bring it. If you’ve never tried fabric stamping, come give it a try.
In-Depth Persona Development 1-2pm area 1< This class will teach you how to organize your persona research into categories so it can be easily accessed to add more research, or to show to a newcomer who is interested in your culture or time period. We will also discuss resources for finding more information on your persona.
Peerage Q&A Roundtable 3-5pm area 1< What does it mean to be a peer? What is expected of a peer? What does it take to be a peer? Bring all the questions you'd love to ask a peer. Those of you in on the Laurel/Pelican/Chiv/MoD hunt, this is the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with peers.
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Other Fun stuff!

Baronial A&S Championship

This coming Mounted Wars Games once again is the time and place for our Arts and Sciences Championship.. In years past we may have had themes such as the colors of Blue and Gold, in representation of the barony’s colors. This year, our theme is something new, it is not about the colors on our heraldry, it is in our name.. This years theme is all about the Stars. We are the Barony of Shadowed Stars, and this year we are the Stars of A&S. Stars come in many sizes, shapes, flavors and colors. There is the star of anise; a star in the sky on a page of illumination, or the trim of a garment. This is our chance to shine like the stars that we all are, we all have that talent, that skill that we treasure and that pushes us to be better. For some, it is our love of food, the cooking of it, for others it is in the stiches of our embroidery or in the beads on the jewelry we create. Bring what you may, and shine among all the others for the A&S Championship.


Friday dinner is soups and bread, Suggested donation $5
Saturday breakfast $6
Saturday Lunch: Soup/salad/sandwichs $6
Friday dinner, Saturday Breakfast and lunch, and Sunday dinner will have gluten free and vegan options available

Saturday night feast $12:
Have you ever been to a feast that takes hours and hours? Sometimes, you just want to eat and enjoy time with your friends after a long day.
Mounted War Games has the perfect feast for you! On Saturday, after a day filled with the Tournament of Chivalry, equestrian fun, rapier fighting, archery, thrown weapons, classes, and whatever else you do, come join us for a great meal.

On the table:
Boiled eggs
Pickled vegetables

Main Course:
Smoked chicken, whitefish, and beef
Roasted pork
Grilled vegetables
Roasted root vegetables

15th/16th Century sauces

Custard tarts
Baked apples


Full ingredient listings to be posted after Pennsic. Any dietary concerns can be discussed by emailing: maggiemackeith AT

Sunday lunch $6 Taco bar
Sunday Roman Feast $12 menu:

cheese round with herbs Apiscus 41
Herbed Olives
Roman Eggs

pork stew with apples Apiscus 168
bread baskets
MENSA SECUNDA ( light sweet course)
Honey Frittata Apicus 303

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Current Merchant List:

Bake sale for our dear friend Malcolm/ Pete Jensen. As some of you may have heard, Malcolm has been diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. During this time he will not be able to work and his lovely wife will need to take time off from her job to take him to doctors and treatment appointments. If you can find it in your heart to bake of purchase something to help him and his family through this difficult time we would greatly appreciate it! If you are baking please bring an ingredient list so those with food allergies/sensitivities may partake. The bake sale will be on Saturday August 31 from 9AM to 3PM If you would be willing to help work the bake sale please contact Keiley at KeileyDuchem AT
(This is a private fundraiser hosted by Mistress Keiley, not sponsored by SCA inc)

By My Hand Designs llc.
Merchant providing goods for the arts martial, jewelry, and costume accessories.

Gold Key Garage Sale
Selling supplies and old garb in order to fund Gold Key so that we may purchase needed supplies.

Mid east magic
Hats , veils, and more!

North Star Armoury
Seller of research books and Viking, Anglo Saxon, and Medieval Jewelry and artifacts.

Red Dragon Designs.
Graphic T-Shirts & Vinyl Decals for all Kingdoms, Baronys, & Cantons fighters and archers.

Sparks of Inspiration
Historically inspired hairstyling and jewelry

Thyme’s Fool
We sell historically inspired herbal tea blends, based on period works of literature and geographic region, in attractive period style packaging. Enjoy the free smells and see what tea would best suit your persona!

The Harpy & The Hag
Garb and accessories, including fully-sewn block printed garb!

Viking Archery
Proud provider of traditional period archery equipment. On site custom bowstrings and sales of all archery supplies

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