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Welcome to the Barony of Shadowed Stars

This is the official website for the local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area. We are located in the region of Constellation, part of the Middle Kingdom. Thanks for checking us out! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or contact one of our officers directly, or find us on Facebook.


Greetings to the beloved people of the Barony of Shadowed Stars from your (Acting) Seneschal! This is a long, but important message - so please take the time to read all of the way through!

As has been announced on a few other occasions, the Baronial Polling Process is beginning with the acceptance of LETTERS OF INTENT TO BE SUBMITTED TO ME BETWEEN DECEMBER 17TH THROUGH JANUARY 13TH AT MIDNIGHT EST.

If you or you and a partner are interested in submitting yourselves to the Crown for consideration in being the Barony of Shadowed Stars' next Baron and/or Baroness, please submit your Letter of Intent to me before Saturday, December 9th at midnight.

The Letter of Intent must include:
* SCA name and any titles (how you want it listed in the poll);
* Legal contact information including name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address;
* Copy of valid membership card;
* Copy of photo identification; and
* Any other information the candidate wishes (such as SCA experience or vision for the barony).

The Letter(s) of Intent will be made available for the populace to read, both here in our official Facebook Group, on our website, and in any other forums or formats that I think will reach more people specifically within our Barony. For privacy's and to prevent identification fraud of potential candidates, I may redact certain information available online, but will gladly make hard copies available to anyone for their perusal.

Two (or more) special meetings will be held in the coming few months: first, Baron Fergus MacPherson and Baroness Maggie MacKeith will host a Q&A session for prospective candidates (date and time to be announced soon); second, once the initial phase of accepting Letters of Intent has passed, but before the actual polling begins, there will be another Q&A session with prospective candidates and the populace, so that members of our good Barony can directly inquire on issues and topics that are important to them. Please understand, per Society rules, you MUST be a paid member of the Society to receive a member poll. If you have recently moved, please have them update their addresses with the Society!!! This is done the same way as renewing, it's just an update and done on the same portal.
For reference, here is the timeline of events for our Baronial Polling Process:

> December 17 to January 13: Letters of Intent accepted by Acting Baronial Seneschal Aveline de Ceresbroch.

> January 14 to January 20: Letters of Intent delivered by Acting Baronial Seneschal Aveline de Ceresbroch to Kingdom Deputy Seneschal Hannah Schreibe.

> January 21 to February 3: Kingdom Deputy Seneschal Hannah Schreiber receives Letters of Intent, makes poll, gets member addresses, prepares mailing.

> February 4 to February 24: Middle Kingdom distributes and collects polls (these will be mailed to you).

>February 25 to March 10: Kingdom Deputy Seneschal tabulates polls, writes synopsis, makes copies, sends packets to Crown and Kingdom Seneschal Justice McArtain, sends bill for mailing to Barony.

> March 11 to May 1: Crown chooses Baron/Baroness and informs Kingdom Deputy Seneschal Hannah Schreiber and Acting Baronial Seneschal Aveline de Ceresbroch. Populace is informed of the decision of the Crown.

It has been previously discussed and agreed upon by Baronial members that our annual event, "This Land is Our Land" will serve as our Baronial Investiture celebration, as well.

Until the Crown announces its decision as to the new Baron(s) and/or Baroness(es) of the Barony of Shadowed Stars, I will be the Acting Seneschal. Sir Ulrich Halfdan Ulfsson is effectively removed from all rights and responsibilities as Baronial Seneschal during this process; as soon as the Crown announces Their choice, Sir Ulrich may choose to resume as Baronial Seneschal or I may serve out the remaining term through May, as Baronial Seneschal will be an open position for election and induction in May 2018, as per our Charter.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with the Baronial Polling Process or general Baronial business, please bring them directly to me first. I can be reached on Facebook, via email (harpyandhag AT, via phone or text message at 260.710.3027, or in person at various local and Kingdom events.

Lady Aveline de Ceresbroch
Acting Baronial Seneschal
Baronial Minister of Arts & Sciences

Letters of Intent can be found here on our publications page

Who are you people?

Like any group of people who dress up in funny clothes and pursue unconventional activities, we get this question a lot.

We're a bunch of fun people who enjoy great company, blazing bonfires, and the camp life. We're noble warriors who come together on the field of battle to celebrate the virtues of true chivalry. We're honorable fencers who practice the art of defense in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. We're courageous riders who take to the field on trusted mounts in all manner of historical horsemanship. We're dedicated archers who seek the unlimited challenges offered by games of skill and tests of marksmanship. And we're free-spirited dancers who take pleasure recreating period song and dance from all across Europe.

We're also consummate cooks, brewers, bakers, and more in search of ancient recipes we can share. We're meticulous costumers and jewelers who bring the fashions of our forefathers to life in fabric, stone, glass. We're passionate armorers and artisans who strive to create works of art out of leather, metal, wood, and clay. We're life-long scholars and storytellers who find fascination in every facet of the Medieval world. We're teachers. We're students. We're friends. We're family. We're the Barony of Shadowed Stars.

I'm totally new to the SCA. Where do I begin?

Getting started in the SCA is easy, and you're in a wonderful place to check it out.

Right here in the Barony of Shadowed Stars, we do everything from heavy weapons combat in full armor to archery, dance, fencing, equestrian activities, and more. Wherever your interests lie, you'll find friendly people excited to share your interests. We even have a special officer called a Chatelaine whose in charge of making sure you meet the right people and get answers to all of your question. Her name is Gwendolyn, and you can reach her at or by phone at (260) 760–8480.

Do I need to be a member of the SCA to participate?

Absolutely not.

Membership to the SCA is entirely optional for basic participation. Without becoming a member, you can attend meetings, join classes and regular activities, and even try your hand at some of our marshaled activities (provided you sign a waiver). Membership benefits include a reduced fee at our events, the ability participate in marshaled tournaments, the eligibility to hold an office, and a subscription to the Middle Kingdom's regular newsletter, The Pale, among other things.

How can I learn more about the SCA in general?

There are many wonderful resources out there for new members to the SCA.

One of the best places to start looking is the SCA Newcomer's Portal or the Newcomer Resources on the Chatelaine's page of the Midrealm website. There you'll find useful guides, advice, and an invaluable glossary that will save you a lot of time wondering "what on Earth do they mean by that?" Of course, there's no substitute for a personal, one-on-one chat with your local Chatelaine and active members of the barony, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with any of our officers.

What's Going on in the Barony?

Our calander of activites can be found Here

Here's a live feed of the Shadowed Stars Official Facebook Page, where officers and administrators post realtime updates about upcoming activities, events, and other important baronial news.